Harvard Square

If someone tells you to meet them in "the Square", chances are they're talking about Harvard Square. Although somewhat transformed by the national chains in recent years, … [Read More]

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Central Square

Central Square is a rapidly changing neighborhood. Once known as one of the edgier areas of Cambridge, it still maintains a certain gritty character. However, it is slowly … [Read More]

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Inman Square

Inman Square is fighting the good fight against the Starbukization of Cambridge. Small independently run businesses are the norm in this bohemian neighborhood on the edge of … [Read More]

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Kendall Square

Just across the Charles River from Mass General Hospital and right next to MIT, Kendall Square is the home of many pharmaceutical and high-tech companies including Genzyme and … [Read More]

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Union Square

Union Square has been getting a lot of attention recently as the hip, new destination for restaurants and entertainment. In fact, the Boston Globe recently ran a front page … [Read More]

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Davis Square

The Davis Square neighborhood is a vibrant mix of students and young urban professionals coexisting with longer term residents that predate the square's trendy period. Davis … [Read More]